Jason Julius comes across as a sex expert, an orgasm artist, a writer of quite a number of sex-centered reports, creator of several sex video tutorials, blogger, and owner/creator of

The web is peppered with many of his articles, most of them centered on techniques you can learn and use to give your female partner the "best" full body orgasm, also referred to as female ejaculation.

He created Orgasm Arts as his brand name. His flagship program goes by the all-encompassing title of The Female Orgasm Blueprint. He markets this program as one crammed with tips and techniques designed for a man to enable his female partner to achieve sexual gratification. The Female Orgasm Blueprint offers complete video training toward this end in nine modules. This full video archive is instantly accessible, being a digital streaming video course.

There are many other articles and tutorials authored by other people also available in the market today. These products cover basically the same areas as Jason Julius' do, and aim to teach comparable techniques. In other words, the tips and tricks presented in the Female Orgasm Blueprint may not be entirely original or unique in essence. Also, the hype reflecting the intense effort to sell the program may sometimes be off-putting to some potential clients who are more discerning in their quest. Because the program is composed of adult material, a seemingly overly gung-ho marketing style may result in a solely titillating effect, completely albeit unwittingly putting its self-help and educational aspects in the shade.

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To his credit, Jason Julius does show a keen understanding of what he writes about. He seems to be a prolific writer and video creator. He has to his name several documents and videos specifically leaning towards helping a man master the art of arousing and stimulating his female partner's sensitive part in order to lead her to an "intense mind-blowing orgasm."

A compilation of these documents and videos include Female Ejaculation, Unleash your Sexual Beast, and other similarly-titled tutorials. If not entirely unique, his work nevertheless shows indications of being well-researched. In spite of the somewhat titillating and attention-grabbing words he uses to capture his audience's attention and sustain their marked interest, he demonstrates a keen appreciation that sexual pleasure has a psychological dimension.

He underscores the importance of setting a preparatory pleasant ambiance, of bringing stress levels down through comforting massage, and of mental, in addition to physical, stimulation to bring about the best female orgasm. Probably because of the personal and intimate nature of the subject matter, testimonials from clients available on the internet are few and far between. Those offered, though, seem to be from satisfied clients -- which speak rather well of Jason Julius and his creation.

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