I went through the misery of suffering from early ejaculation so I know exactly what it feels like - the shame...the frustration...the loss of self-assurance...the anxiety that accompanies every possibility of sexual encounter...the despair of ever finding a cure. Well, let me tell you; there is a solution. You can delay your ejaculation through several techniques - some mental/emotional in nature, others, physiological.


First, you can try to heighten your sexual drive by using herbs. If you are already doing that, at least for a couple of weeks, pass on to the next step. Otherwise, recognize that untimely ejaculation is linked with decreased sexual appetite. If you take herbal supplements to increase your libido and testosterone, then you are in the right direction.

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Second, you have to follow up on a particular technique to postpone orgasm. People who have tried this technique while taking herbal supplements to enhance sex-drive say that they have been able to control early climax by almost a hundred percent. The embarrassment and awkwardness that come from reaching orgasm before your partner does will become a thing of the past. Let us take a closer look at this technique.

Third, you have to have privacy. You need to be relaxed and focused. Make sure that there are no interruptions. You have to create an atmosphere conducive to masturbation. Once your mind is clear of all unnecessary baggage, use your creative juices to draw up sexual imagery to stimulate you. Imagine yourself strong, fit, and very masculine. Imagine yourself with the libido and staying power to bring utmost pleasure to your partner. It has to be a leisurely, unhurried experience. Slow and steady are key. Focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths of air and feel your lungs expand. Do this especially when you feel like coming. This should effectively delay ejaculation. Every time you feel the urge to climax, focus on your tailbone and continue with the deep breathing. Loosen up the tightness of your chest. Excitement or nervousness tends to contract the chest muscles. When they ease up, the urge to reach climax tends to follow suit. This will point out to you how nervousness can trigger excitement. And how a relaxed demeanor, free of rush and anxiety helps you to take control of the urge to climax.

Lastly, the above technique can be used to raise testosterone levels the natural way. When you delay ejaculation through the start and stop technique using masturbation, you are likely to give your testosterone a boost over time. You will feel sharper hunger to make love to your partner. When you see yourself gaining stronger control of the need to reach climax, your self-confidence will return. By using the deep and deliberate breathing technique described above, you will be able to rein in your nervousness and become less anxious about the encounter. This in itself will contribute a lot into helping you postpone gratification.

People differ in the time they respond to this exercise. For some, a few days of practice may suffice. For others, it may take a longer time - probably three to four weeks. And how often should you do this before you reap the benefits? Every two days seems to be the optimal period for most people. Doing it more than that may be overworking it and defeat the purpose. You have to be patient. Remember yet again that slow and steady is the way to do it.

In time, the combination of these techniques will make you last longer in bed. Remember to boost your sex drive with natural herbal supplements. Make use of the visualization technique. Focus and control your breathing. Practice the start-and-stop masturbation technique.

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