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Premature Ejaculation Treatments Overview

Because there are so many men troubled by untimely orgasm problems these days, the web is inundated with all kind of programs that claim to carry the solution to this particular condition. How do you tell which ones will work and which will not? How can you be sure that you are not just throwing money away for something that will be of no use to you?


After careful consideration of those which seem most promising, these are my top pick of the lot. I also included my reasons for choosing them, the strengths and limitations of each program.

For me, the Ejaculation Trainer stands above the rest. It is the treatment which proved to be the most effective for me, and I have no doubt it will be for you, too. Among the programs reviewed, it has proven to be the highest ranked for acceptance, too. This comes as no surprise because undoubtedly people have found it really effective, too.

Before I study this program and applied its techniques, I usually lasted one and a half minutes. By using the techniques incorporated in the Trainer I was able to prolong this time. And you will, too. When you go past twenty minutes, you are on your way to whatever time you want to last. I think most of those who tried it have found it quite effective too as I still have to find a review which does not speak well of it.

There are other programs available on the Web which claim to possess the best solution to PE. Many have tried Ejaculation by Command and found it to be of immense help. They are right in their assessment. This one really offers suggestions which seem worthwhile. I personally found my answer in the Ejaculation Trainer. I suggest that you go through the reviews of the other books as well as some other book may be best suited for your case.

Why choose such programs over Drugs, Lubricants, and Other Similar Premature Ejaculation Treatments?

Medical interventions that come in the form of drugs, creams, and other lubricants have been suggested as possible solutions to PE. If the product has reliable scientific research to vouch for it, I see no reason why it should not be tried. Most of these products, however, have nothing more than hype going for them so I think we should think twice before buying them. Moreover, most products only help as long as they are used on a continued basis. Once you stop using them, you face the same problem all over again. It seems such a waste of good money when there are solutions available which work on a more permanent basis. Also of serious consideration are the side effects which may accompany the use of these products. I don't think it is worth my while to gamble with my physical well-being.

The techniques you will acquire from such program, however, is yours forever. It may take a while to master the techniques proposed but once you get the hang of it, and it does not really take that long, you are on your way to complete recovery. There will be no need to buy other consumable products anymore.


First Choice: Ejaculation Trainer

The Ejaculation Trainer by Matt Gordon seems to be the most comprehensive program on early orgasm. Matt offers techniques which have been tested over time and found to be truly effective for countless men who have tried them. When you use these techniques, you can expect to see improvements in less than a month.

The Ejaculation Trainer supplies you with everything you need to resolve your problem. He gives you a host of useful information and arms you with all the tools and techniques you need.

He offers data which are new and quite interesting. He talks about the different points of arousal and how you can control its intensity. He teaches you how to develop the proper mind-set and disposition so you can approach your problem from a positive winning position. He teaches you to appreciate the use of visualization techniques preparatory to enhancing your performance in bed.

The Trainer is simple and straight-forward in its presentation. It gives detailed instructions which anybody can follow without difficulty. And, more importantly, it approaches the problem from a holistic point of view. It sees it, not as a purely muscular problem, but as a hormonal, mental, emotional one, and addresses it as such.

Re-program How You Think

Matt explains the importance of the nervous system in solving the condition. Disposition and mental attitude have a lot to do with achieving success. He also points out the role of hormones and how through ways natural in form, you can up your serotonin amount and enhance endurance in bed.

Get Physical

The book provides precise instruction about how to give your perineal muscles the proper work out. Once strengthened, these muscles allow you to maintain your erection for a longer time. For those who have resolved their problem, Matt even provides advanced "training" so you can further enhance your sexual agility and competence. Anyone who is interested in enhancing his sexual capabilities, and thus being able to give the utmost pleasure to his partner, should not think twice about getting this program. The information is all-encompassing; the techniques are some of the most effective and potent ones I have ever encountered.


  • The most comprehensive and detailed book about how to sustain your sexual stamina
  • Proposes a treatment that is natural and long-lasting
  • Provides a holistic approach to PE
  • Presents techniques which are distinctive and fresh
  • Does not involve the use of drugs or lubricants


  • It contains lots of content that it's possible a reader will it hard to digest.

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Second Choice: Ejaculation By Command

Ejaculation by Command is the most recent treatment that is available on the web. The data and techniques presented in this program do not go far from those of the Ejaculation Trainer in terms of number and excellence. They will, without question, also prove effective in solving problems of the dysfunction.

Written by Lloyd Lester, it proposes solutions natural in nature. It seems to be researched and written with care.

It is composed of two major sections. The first one includes the basics of premature ejaculation. In this section, the nature of the problem and its causes are explained in detail. It also includes wide-spread beliefs and folklore about it which have no basis in fact.

The second section gets to the heart of the matter. It tackles the techniques which can be used to stop the condition and develop sexual endurance. Lloyd presents a myriad of information, tools, and methods by which you can change the way you think and how your body responds so that you can achieve sexual stamina.

Ejaculation by Command is full of information and ideas both novel and interesting. Lloyd demonstrates many ways by which you can bring pleasure to your partner without taking yourself to the edge of reaching your climax. He takes note which positions are most conducive to retaining control over your urge to climax. He also explains in detail the exercises which can strengthen muscles involved in the sexual act to enable you to extend the sexual act.

There is also an additional section entitled "Emergency Tactics to Last longer" which provides ways which you can implement, even without prior practice, just to put off the moment of climax.


  • Has a good number of ways to solve the problem
  • Does not require the use of lubricants in spray or cream form
  • Solution presented is natural and long-lasting
  • Contains more hot tips and videos than Ejaculation trainer


  • It's a little more expensive than Ejaculation Trainer

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Third Choice: Prejaculation Ebook

This eBook provides a complete lead on how to stop premature ejaculation. However, the information in the book seems poorly arranged, resulting in a certain amount of difficulty in accessing the information you want. The ways presented seem effective enough; but the book does not get anywhere near the first two books reviewed in terms of quality.

Prejaculation.com has a compilation, 160 pages long, entitled "The Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual." This treatment for PE seems unique compared to others on the web. Other eBooks area compilation of suggestions and techniques, many of them common and typical. Prejaculation.com provides a more scientific methodology to achieve cure. This is clearly an advantage; but it may turn off some people by its higher level of difficulty where comprehension is concerned.

The manual begins by discussing the nature and causes of PE. It also discusses universal truths, as well as folklore, regarding this condition. Then, it zeroes in on the actual methods to cure early ejaculation. This section includes Kegel exercises to strengthen the PC muscles, strategies to manage arousal levels, and strategic man-woman positions which tend to delay ejaculation.

Food and Premature Ejaculation

Prejaculation.com includes something which most solutions ignore. This is the aspect of eating the right food to enhance your sexual performance. It lists down the food which you may do well to take if you want to achieve stronger, longer erections and more powerful orgasms.

In summary, it seems to provide a pretty good solution to untimely orgasm. It just pales in comparison to the Ejaculation Trainer.


  • Provides ample suggestions to help you overcome PE
  • Long-lasting and natural methods
  • Discusses the problem and its many aspects
  • Does not go into the use of lubricants in whatever form to cure the problem


  • Seems more difficult to understand than the other solutions

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Fouth Choice: Ejaculation Master

The Ejaculation Master seems to be a good eBook on premature ejaculation. The approaches it proposes seem effective in helping men achieve sexual endurance. Compared to the rest of the solutions reviewed, however, it is the shortest one. Its length seems to be a disadvantage as the approaches tackled by this manual are not as wide in range as those in other programs.

The Ejaculation Master is written by Christian Gudnason. With rather less pages than other books, it does not dwell too much on the whys and wherefores of premature ejaculation. It tries to save the reader from spending too much time on information he may not be interested in. Rather, it focuses on the actual solutions.

It has three main components. Techniques center on proper breathing, relaxation, visualization, and Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles used for sex.

The sections of the book are arranged quite well, which makes for ease in comprehension. Even the exercises are presented well. First come the easier ones. Then, the more complicated ones which you can only perform well if you have successfully mastered the previous ones. And they all seem to work.v

The obvious area for improvement is the lack of techniques to choose from. This is so, considering the relative length of the book.


  • Presents a natural and long-lasting treatment
  • Short and direct. Discusses solutions straightaway
  • Does not call for the application of lubricants or the ingestion of medicines


  • Much too short; limited number of techniques

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Fifth Choice: 25 Eeasy And Effective Methods Of Curing Premature Ejaculation

Easy2Control.com gives 25 helpful strategies to solve premature ejaculation. Done properly, these methods seem to work quite well in helping you sustain your erection during the sexual act.

25 Easy and Effective Methods of Curing Premature Ejaculation is written by Dr. Paulo Amino, a Brazilian. That English is not the author's native tongue is quite clear. The way Dr. Amino verbalizes his ideas makes it at times difficult to understand. Errors in spelling and grammar abound and are sometimes very distracting.

Despite this limitation, the book does not fall short in presenting techniques to help you overcome your problem. It explores the different causes of in detail. It then offers many useful strategies to treat the condition.


  • Gives quite a number of techniques to enhance sexual performance
  • Treatment presented is natural and long-lasting
  • Does not call for using drugs or lubricants in any form


  • Excessive errors in spelling and grammar
  • Direct to the point, too much so. Fails to explain finer points about the condition
  • Does not call for using drugs or lubricants in any form

Click here to visit 25 Easy And Effective Methods Of Curing Premature Ejaculation

The following are more tips about premature ejaculation treatment and last longer in bed:


A lot of men would give their right hand to find a fool-proof way to win against premature ejaculation. Help comes from the most unexpected source - masturbation. You can pleasure yourself through masturbation, and at the same time, make it possible to stay up longer in bed! Now, what can duplicate that double win? Difficult to believe at first, it is true. Research shows that you can stamp out the misery that premature ejaculation brings to your sex life by engaging in masturbation...using the right techniques.

Masturbation can just save you from premature ejaculation. Just make sure that you bear in mind the following important points:

First Point: Make sure that you lubricate diligently.

If you masturbate specifically to help you stay erect longer when you engage in sexual intercourse later, make sure that the factors surrounding your masturbation experience resemble those of sexual intercourse as closely as possible.

Sex with your partner features a penis thriving in a hot, wet, damp place. Accustom your penis to anticipate these sensations by using a lubricant when you masturbate.

Second Point: Take your time.

Slow. Easy. Deliberate. If you want to develop sexual stamina and endurance, you have to condition yourself to take it slow. It in only in this manner can you hope to prolong the sexual experience. If you stay relaxed and controlled, you will be able to stay up longer.

Men are primed genetically to do it...and do it fast. They are also conditioned to do this from youth...when they had to masturbate as fast as they could before somebody comes in to disrupt the activity.

You have to get over this conditioning. When you masturbate, remain conscious of the fact that slow and deliberate assures you of more success later when you have sex with your partner. Stretch out the process. Lessen the stimulation when you start to feel very excited. When you get used to exerting control over your arousal and excitement, you can likewise take the same measures so that you last longer when you are with your woman.

Third Point: Avoid distractions.

You can only benefit from training yourself to last long in bed through masturbation when you do the latter in calm, comfortable, stress-free surroundings. You will not get anything from the experience when distractions abound. It may even cause harm and reinforce your perceived need to hurry with the act when you do so. So make sure that you have the time and the proper environment. If you hasten through it, you are defeating the purpose.

Fourth Point: Curtail Your Excitement

If you want to use masturbation as a technique to avoid or cure premature ejaculation, you should use it as a learning tool. Some men just jerk off and are done with it. This defeats the purpose. It does not do anything to help you develop sexual stamina.

Masturbate to study the stages of arousal that you go through and learn how to stretch out the time before you go to the next stage. By learning how to control your sexual excitement, you will strengthen your ability to last. You will learn to take pleasure in longer-lasting sex. You will learn to keep yourself in control and not ejaculate too early in the game.

Most men masturbate for the pleasure of it. NOW you know that masturbation can be a two-pronged activity. You can use it to deepen your understanding of yourself and how you react to sexual stimuli for the end purpose of lasting longer in bed. It can help you learn through the start-stop technique to steady yourself, to keep it slow, to prevent yourself from coming too soon. If you are able to bear these four critical points in mind, you are well on your way to gaining sexual stamina and endurance. You are well on your way to pleasing your woman more. You can now say goodbye to premature ejaculation.


What Do You Do to Make Certain That You Do not Reach Climax Too Early in the Game?

There are many ways of dealing with premature ejaculation (PE). But before discussing these, it is better to get a firm grasp of what this really is. There is a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the condition. Nobody wants to discuss his fears in detail for fear of being laughed at, or pitied. Because of this, many men think they have premature ejaculation but are not really sure about it. Let me tell you what the condition really is. You can thus put your fears at rest if you do not fall into this category. Or you can confront your condition by looking into the different cures open to you.

You belong to those who suffer from PE if you do the following:

1. You reach your climax a couple of minutes after vaginal penetration.

2. On more than half of the time you engage in sexual intercourse, you fail to give sexual gratification to your partner.

3. You are miserable about your situation; your partner is, too.

Most men who realize that they have sexual dysfunction problems feel pretty miserable about their condition. They feel cursed, ashamed, less of the man they really are. Men usually attach feelings of self-esteem to sexual prowess. In like manner, a man who cannot always bring his partner to the peak of sexual pleasure is certain to feel a downswing in self-confidence.

There is, however, no need to feel like a total failure. PE can be caused by something as common and pervasive as stress. Because of this, many men are prone to suffer from this condition. You are not alone.

Also, this is a condition which can be remedied. It does not take rocket science to cure it. Neither does it require half a lifetime to pursue its course. You can easily find a cure for your predicament without investing too much time or money. All you have to possess is the strong interest to study the options open to you. And to have the patience and readiness to commit to the learning and application of the techniques you will choose to cure your condition.

Of the many treatments available for your consideration, how do you go about choosing the treatment most effective for your needs?

There are basically two criteria which you should bear in mind when you make your selection.

1. First, the right option should provide for a lasting cure. It should not be solely a quick-fix, temporary stop-gap measure.

2. Second, it should be a natural treatment. It should not depend on drugs or other chemicals to provide the solution. Rather, it should call on the body's natural strengths to cure itself of the condition. It should count on your resources so that sexual endurance can be naturally enhanced.

Some of the premature ejaculation treatments which readily come to mind because of their popularity are the following:

1. Anti-depressant drugs - Prozac and Paxil are among the note-worthy ones in this category. Research, however, shows that frequent and prolonged use of these drugs may cause unfavourable side effects. They tend to lower sexual appetite. They sometimes not only delay ejaculation; they may lead to the other extreme and make it difficult for you to ejaculate. Furthermore, they need to be taken regularly; otherwise they do not have any effect at all. It is clear that you will need expert medical advice as to whether these drugs will be the most effective treatment choice for your condition.

2. Products which serve to numb your senses - These products come in the form of creams, sprays, or ointments which when applied to certain areas tend to dull the feelings or sensations. Because your senses become dull, you take a longer time to become aroused thus delaying ejaculation. For some people, however, dull senses are not exactly appealing, especially when associated with intercourse. For most individuals, sharpened, keen, and heightened senses and enjoyment, and not the opposite, are concomitant to sex. Moreover, the solution that these desensitizing products offer is temporary at best.

3. Reconditioning of your sexual responses - Of these three options, this seems to offer a long-lasting permanent solution to your condition. Retraining yourself and getting better control of how fast you go through the arousal cycle may take time. But the benefits are permanent and enduring.


There seems to be a great thirst for knowledge about premature ejaculation nowadays. Men tend to equate their manhood with their ability to please their women in bed. They are thus hard-pressed to find information to indicate how well they are doing as sexual partners.

Because of the intimate nature of this condition, however, men are not inclined to discuss these things among themselves. Let me try to give you information about the basic facts of this condition. With this information, you can either lay your worries to rest, or take action to find the solution to your condition.

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Understanding the condition is of primary importance. It is only when you have the pertinent facts in your hands that you can take the appropriate action to cure the condition, if at all you have it.

First essential - Am I among the ranks of men who have it? If so, can I be cured of it?

Only a little less than fifty percent of the male population have, at one time or another, suffered from this sexual dysfunction. How do you determine if you belong to this group?

Untimely orgasm is easy to determine. You do not have to be a stud to be able to say that you do NOT have it. If you frequently reach your climax before it is time to...that is, before you or your loved one would like you to, then you probably have it.

Frequent experience with it can lower your self-confidence. It can result in disappointment and heartache. It can even wreck relationships. On the upside, it is a condition which usually does not have serious medical repercussions. It can be controlled; it can be totally cured. And there are natural techniques available to deal with the condition.

Second essential - What are the primary causes of this condition?

Premature ejaculation is usually caused by two basic reasons:

1. Sex was meant for reproduction - Since ages past, people are supposed to have sex in order to reproduce. It was not invented as a means to have fun and excitement. Men are programmed to have sex to ascertain their progeny. Men of cave years were conditioned to have sex, simply plant their seed, and be done with it. It is not surprising if, even during these progressive times, men still bear the imprint of what their forefathers were geared to do, and are not able to last in bed long enough to pleasure their partners.

2. Excitable Nervous System - Men, especially during their younger years, are sexually edgy and volatile. They get aroused easily, and are likely to get over the edge and find release without much ado. It is not surprising that more youthful men register problems with premature ejaculation than their more mature, controlled older versions

Third essential - Does PE require medical consultation?

It is typically a condition which does not warrant medical intervention. If, however, you feel the need to consult with a doctor to put your mind at rest, there is no harm in getting reassurance.

You can usually cure it on your own through natural techniques which can be learned and applied. There is actually no need for expensive products like desensitizing creams and ointments. You simply have to learn and conscientiously practice certain proven time-tested techniques.

Fourth essential - Can I bring my partner sexual satisfaction even before I cure myself?

Women have the fortunate capacity to reach orgasm even without vaginal penetration. So the answer to this question is a resounding, categorical yes. You can do so by using a variety of means - extended foreplay, clitoral stimulation, oral sex, and the like. This knowledge is decidedly liberating and should take the pressure off of you!

You may be among the many men out there today who are earnest in their efforts to deal with problems of premature ejaculation. Others are more than willing to shell out hundreds of bucks to purchase products which promise to help them deal with this miserable condition.

Products which come packaged as ointments, lotions, sprays, pills, creams are designed to desensitize so that you do not get aroused as fast as you normally do. Do not settle for these expensive quick-fix products though. They are, at best, simply temporary aids, and may even have side-effects contra-indicative of physical and mental health. You may become dependent on them for sexual stamina. This means money down the drain, self-esteem regularly on the down-stroke, and the condition not really naturally addressed nor completely categorically cured.

You have to take the reins into your own hands if you want a natural total cure for your premature ejaculation. All it takes is to understand the problem and to have the patience and commitment to go through the steps to cure it. The benefits are manifold. They make the trip worthwhile. Take a look at these...

First – Find out why YOU ejaculate prematurely

Premature ejaculation is caused by many factors, varying from one person to another. Some of the more common causes of this condition are the following:

Stress – Many guys feel that they must not fail to bring sexual gratification to their partners...a need so strong that it can actually work to their disadvantage. Too anxious for comfort, they have trouble keeping erect and may reach their climax too soon.

Habits – Males usually do not outlive habits formed in their teen-age years. These include the habit of climaxing as soon as possible. Teenagers masturbating in their rooms usually fear having their privacy disrupted and may thus be inclined to ejaculate at the soonest possible time.

Erectile dysfunction - Some males have problems achieving erection. When they do so, they try to reach their climax as fast as possible lest they are unable to stay erect longer.

You have to find out what causes YOUR premature ejaculation so that you can deal with it in the proper manner.

Second – Decide how long you want to last in bed

It is important to set clear objectives as to how long you want to last in bed. This enables you to know exactly what it is you are working towards. You have to have exact precise targets. Just as important is for your goals to be realistic and realizable. Work to achieve them gradually, slowly but surely. Aspiring to become a stud overnight is to lay claim to extreme letdown.


Third – Think Positive

You have to think yourself to success. Without the strong, unwavering belief that you can do it, you are not likely to do so. Imagine yourself a man with strong sexual stamina and you will BECOME it. Prepare yourself for certain difficulties along the way but stay up and optimistic and the dream will become a reality.

Fourth – Persevere

There are many natural ways to help you reach your goals. Take time to read up and do research. These techniques include arousal management, proper and deep breathing techniques, exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, and start-stop masturbation methods to help you up your sexual endurance. Persevere in the practice of these methods. Before you know it, premature ejaculation will be a thing of the past.

Fed up with your own incapacity to match your woman's enthusiasm and staying power in bed? You and your mate are looking forward to a hot dalliance in bed. However, your enthusiasm, and hers for sure, are easily doused when, within two minutes of intercourse, you reach your climax, and kaput goes the night. Is this a common scenario between you and your partner?

If so, do not despair. Readily more than half of the male populace faces the same situation every now and then. The aspiration for sexual strength, power, and endurance - all tied up with the ability to last longer in bed - is one shared by more men than you can imagine. Maybe it may not appear to be so as so few men are willing to share their feelings of sexual inadequacy with other people. But trust the numbers...about forty percent of males bear the brunt of self-uncertainty due to premature ejaculation.

Find out more about the condition of premature ejaculation and you are on your way to doing something constructive about it. Start with setting the facts straight. Look behind the myths and search for the truth.

Untruth: PE is an incurable form of medical infirmity.

It is a sexual condition which everyone is better off to have nothing to do with. But it is NOT a medical illness; neither is it grave or untreatable. The condition finds its roots in many things. Among the more common ones are psychological or mental in nature, finding its source frequently in an individual's first years of sexual awakening. But no matter how long one has had this condition, treatment can be had if one is willing to learn new techniques about love-making.

Untruth: Use "diversionary tactics" and you can stay up longer.

If you try hard enough to think of something else while having sex with your partner, you JUST might be able to prolong your erection. This, however, may boomerang on you. Your partner is likely to sense your distraction and may read it as lack of interest in her and in the sexual experience. Moreover, if you are forever trying to keep your mind off the sensations tied to having sex, you are not going to enjoy yourself. Fortunately, there are other means to control your arousal pace so that you do not climax at the count of two. In time, you will be able to effectively manage your ejaculation without having to sacrifice the sense of fun and titillating sensations associated with the sexual act.

Untruth: If you reach your climax in less than two minutes after intercourse, you are a premature ejaculator.

Theoretically, a man is said to have early ejaculation if he reaches his climax about two minutes after intercourse. However, one of the other criteria used for determining whether a man has the condition is that his partner is sexually frustrated about half of the times that they have sex. It is important to note that women can have orgasm even without vaginal penetration. So if a man rapidly loses it right after intercourse but he is usually able to bring his partner to sexual heaven prior to this through foreplay or oral sex, he and his partner cannot be strictly described as sexually miserable because of this sexual dysfunction!

Untruth: The best way to deal with PE is to take pills.

Some men are hopeful that all they have to do is pop some pills and their problem disappears. Unfortunately, things are not as simple as this. Some products in the market claim that they can make you stay longer in bed but there are no actual facts to bolster such claims. Also, the risk of side effects is a strong deterrent.

Premature ejaculation is a psychological or mental condition. As such, it can best be addressed by effecting behavioral changes related to the sexual act. Natural behavioral/mental re-training or re-wiring seems to be everybody’s best bet.

Premature ejaculation is neither rare nor a disease. It happens to forty per cent of the male population, at one time or another. It is a condition which, although seen as a problem by most men, does not threaten either life or limb. It does not usually require medical or psychiatric intervention. Its management may sometimes call for practice (and, for some people, quite some time), but it can be controlled by simple natural techniques which can be learned.

But like they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of medicine. And it does not take a college degree to understand the common causes of premature ejaculation. Check out these roots. Try to elude them as much as possible. Do not give them the chance to cause you sexual frustration.

There are three simple things you can watch out for.

1. Try to avoid stress. Stress, no matter what its cause, can hit you at multiple levels, when it comes to sex. It can distract you from the pleasures of sex. It can make attaining erection difficult. Once you get hard, though, stress can also cause you to reach your peak prematurely.

2. Stress can come from a lot of things. It can be work-related. It can accompany the responsibilities which weigh you down. It can come in the form of the felt need to give your partner the sexual gratification she wants. As much as you would want them to simply disappear, these tensions are part and parcel of everyday life. What you can control is your reaction to them. Whenever you feel on the verge of being overcome by stress, consciously exert effort to tone them down. Take deep breaths. Distract yourself from your worries. Blank your mind out. With sufficient practice, you will not feel so overwhelmed in the face of stress.

3. Whether you are aware of it or not, unacknowledged anger towards your partner has a way of surfacing during lovemaking and makes you lose control over your sexual responses.

4. Your anger may make it difficult for you to achiever erection. It may curtail your desire to give your partner pleasure through extended foreplay. The sexual encounter is likely to become perfunctory, not an expression of love or desire for your partner. If you do manage to get aroused by the physical stimulation, you are not likely to control yourself and reach your climax sooner than intended.

Because of all these, it is decidedly better to constructively express feelings of hurt or anger with your partner prior to initiating the sexual act.

Be aware that there are right and wrong ways of masturbation. Avoid the wrong masturbation techniques. The wrong techniques are often related to how a teenager would pleasure himself. He does so quickly. His objective is to get himself off at the soonest possible time, before his privacy is invaded by parents or some other family member. If you get too attached to the speedy, quick-fix method, your body is likely to be accustomed to reaching climax as soon as possible. Also, if you are in the habit of masturbating frequently, the pleasures of the sexual act with your partner are likely to pall. If this is the case, try to retrain yourself. Wake yourself up to the allure of going slow and easy with your partner. Read up on the proper masturbation techniques...techniques which will help you stay up longer with your partner.

Going to bed with the woman you love may not be as simple, or as pleasurable, as most people think it is. The fear of premature ejaculation can easily mar the anticipation of having sex with your partner. You tend to feel anxious about sex instead of looking forward to it.

Will I be able to last long enough to bring her to climax? Will I be able to give her sexual pleasure? Will I disappoint her if I reach my climax before I am expected to do so? Will she laugh at me behind my back if I ejaculate prematurely? Will she tell on me to her girlfriends?

You are not the only one asking these questions. Premature ejaculation is a widespread problem. Close to half of the male population have problems with it.

As with any other condition, it is best to find out more about a problem which besets you. The more you know about your problem, the better equipped you are to deal with it.

There are many things men usually want to find out about premature ejaculation. There are three questions, however, which crop up over and over again when men are encouraged to lay bare their questions about premature ejaculation.

What is the norm for the typical man before he reaches his climax?

A good number of men last for between five to ten minutes, with the majority of them taking the lower end of this benchmark. Their female partners take a longer time to become aroused. They are slower to get sexually stimulated. It usually takes them about fifteen minutes to come when they are sexually penetrated by their partners.

Given these numbers, it is easy to see that a large number of women are not able to reach the peak of sexual enjoyment. Most of them are likely to feel sexually frustrated...with the men reaching their climax and writing "finis" to the sexual exercise. The women stay unfulfilled, dissatisfied.

Is it really important to last long in bed?

Majority of men are inclined to believe that the ability to last long in bed equates to being better in bed. Contrary to this opinion, what is important is that you last long enough to bring your partner to orgasm. And orgasm by way of penetrating the vagina is not even of primary importance!

It is important to note that females are able to come not only through penetration. They can reach orgasm through various ways. You can give her sexual pleasure by seducing her through sweet, enticing, sexually exciting words, further stimulate her by caressing her erogenous zones through foreplay, and bring her to her peak through oral sex. What is important is for her to reach her climax through any of these means. How much time you spend mounting her becomes moot.

If you understand how your partner functions sexually, you will realize that it is better for you to spend time caressing her and making her reach her climax even before you penetrate her. In this way, even if you do not last long riding her, you have already brought her extreme sexual pleasure and satisfaction!

What should I do to make a strong impression on a girl I am dating and going to bed with?

A straight and simple answer to this question is...masturbate. If you do this about sixty minutes before you are to go to bed with her, you will have relieved yourself of sexual pressure. You will not be as sexually excitable and as ready to come as you would have been had you not given yourself sexual pleasure beforehand. To your girlfriend, it would appear that you have the amazing ability to "last long."

Men have been facing the problem of premature ejaculation since time immemorial. Because you are genetically predisposed to just sow your seed to ensure your line of descendants, it follows that you are not naturally skilled at staying erect long enough just so you can bring sexual gratification to your partner. You are geared for easy release, not for staying power.

In spite of the naturalness of this condition, there is nothing fun or happy about having it. It does not usually carry with it medical burdens. However, it is clear why it may cause frustration and misery in a relationship. If the problem is not dealt with constructively, it may even lead to the end of the relationship.

A man is said to have premature ejaculation if he reaches his climax in less than three minutes after intercourse fifty percent of the time that he engages in sex. A woman usually takes from ten to fifteen minutes after penetration to reach her climax. Men, on the other hand, have been known to reach their climax from between 5 to 10 minutes, with a majority leaning towards the lower number. If you do your math, you can easily conclude that there are a lot of sexually frustrated and unhappy women out there who cannot get their men to stay up long enough to please them.

On the other hand, it should please men to find out that women do not reach their orgasm simply through intercourse. Females are blessed enough to be able to reach climax through other means.

Men who are wise to this fact are able to provide sexual fulfillment to their partners through other creative means. Some women get stimulated enough through dirty sex talk. Others are enthusiastic about having their erogenous zones caressed. Most get totally excited by clitoral stimulation. Others prefer oral sex. All these means, if applied properly and lovingly enough, are sufficient to bring a woman to orgasm, without you even having to enter her.

Some men who have happy partners are premature ejaculators. But because they know their partners' sexual needs and disposition, they are able to lead fulfilling sex lives.

Be that as it may, everybody profits by the ability to stay longer in bed. Sexual relationships are enhanced if the male can stay erect for the entire 10 to 15 minutes of sexual intercourse that it takes to bring his partner to a fulfilling vaginal climax. There is no downplaying the fulfillment that comes from the slow dramatic build-up chaperoning sexual intercourse and leading up to a full-blast satisfying orgasm for both partners. You cannot have this if you are inclined to reach your climax shortly after you penetrate your partner.

But if the truth be known to one and all, sexual fulfillment from a full intercourse is not only for the few fortunate ones. It can be had for the asking. All it takes is the earnest desire to find out about how your body functions sexually, and being willing to learn and apply certain techniques to improve sexual stamina. There is no need to consult a doctor. There is no need to pay for expensive sexual therapy. There is no need to purchase expensive products with hyped-up benefits.

You simply have to be attuned to how your body responds during sex. You have to learn how to control your response to sexual stimuli. Try to prolong the time before you reach full arousal. There are techniques to do this. If you are able to do this, you will be able to manage and delay your ejaculation, or in the more popular term, stay longer in bed!

The sex positions you use while making love do indeed have an impact on the sexual excitement and enjoyment that you and your partner contract. It is thus worth your while to take a look at these positions. Not only will you be able to extend your ability to keep your erection; you will also be able please your partner, simply by using these positions...even though you do exactly the same things that you usually do!

You do not have to strain yourself thinking about what else you can do to excite and please your partner. All you have to do is make sure that you are using the right positions to make love to your partner. It may be unbelievable at first; but it really is as simple as that. So, what exactly are these positions which can bring about amazing pleasure?

The Finest Sex Positions Certain to Result in Prolonged and Better Sexual Satisfaction

First Position: The Sly Feminine Rider

If your primary goal is for a longer and more pleasurable sexual intercourse, this is the most excellent position to take. Simply lie on your back and let her lie on top of you. The rewards are crystal-clear.

This position apparently puts your partner in direct command of the activity. She manages the rhythm and tempo of the encounter, a role which she may find doubly exciting and stimulating. She is able to control the level of stimulation based on her own personal preference and pleasure.

On the other hand, this position takes away the responsibility for the entire event from you. This is likely to relax you, taking away the tension that comes from the pressure, real or imagined, that comes from having to bring utmost pleasure to your partner. In this position, you take on the more passive role while your partner rides you, taking the active, aggressive role. You are more likely to enjoy the situation and control your arousal. You are thus likely to last longer in bed, making for a more enjoyable and rewarding time with your partner.

Second Position: Woman Riding in Reverse

Echoing the pleasures that come from using the first position described above, this second position has your partner in the same assertive stance. You still lie on your back. She mounts you, but this time, faces away from you. You and your partner are likely to be further aroused from taking on a unique, rather risque' position. You will both enjoy the freshness that comes from assuming another role, you of the more laid-back partner, and she, of the more aggressive one.

You can start with the first position, and then have her assume the second position later on. This switch will prolong the pleasure that comes from anticipating the intense climax of the intercourse. Your partner is likely to see the newness as cool, exciting, and provocative. Both of you are certain to enjoy each other more, stimulated by the freshness of the reversal of roles, and by the difference in the stimulation that the different positions bring.

Assuming the conventional missionary position may be tiring after a while. The position may seem rather predictable and unexciting after some time. Feeling always totally responsible for bringing your partner to climax may sometimes be too stressful for you. This may oftentimes lead to premature ejaculation on your part, and intense disappointment, on your partner's part.

Deviation from the normal by way of assuming the sex positions described above may just be the medicine to cure the bedroom blahs for you and your partner. The change in positions may bring the level of excitement a notch...or even two notches, higher, and ensure that you both continue to enjoy each other in bed.

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